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About Zen Redgrave Light & Sound Art

I started my working life as an engineer in the Midlands in England and spent many years working in the fields of quality engineering and tolerance analysis.

However, this did not satisfy my need to make a positive difference in the world.

I decided to retrain as a soft tissue therapist, a job which I enjoyed enormously, and which also allowed me to make a difference for people. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic meant that it was no longer safe to work in a close contact environment.

This led to three years doing a degree in Celtic Studies, which was a huge challenge.

Now, having completed that degree, I am embarking on expressing my creative side. I have always enjoyed photography, and have played instruments since I was a child, starting with the violin and eventually progressing onto guitars, drums, and native American style flutes. I am now combining, sound, written word and light painting to express connections with the natural world and spirits of place.

An orange circle of light is behind the Pentre Ifan stones, with the moon and venus visible in the sky.
An orange spiral of light is infront of the ancient Pentre Ifan burial stones.
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